Friday, May 22, 2015

Slideshow Fairytales

Because I have a great LOVE for buying web domains, I am now the proud owner of Slideshow Fairytales dot com.  It doesn't work at this moment, but if you wanna click on that link, then who am I to stop you?

Anyway, that's where Slideshow Fairytales stuff will be posted now.

In addition to here.

And on Facebook.

The internet is hard, guys. I say that like anyone is actually reading.  It's nice having a private venue like this where I can talk about feelings and stuff, y'know, and not have to worry about anybody else seeing that kind of personal junk.  Did I tell you that I kissed a lady recently?  Well, I did.  Hand to God.

So, yeah.  Uhh, I'll be going to San Diego this summer to take part in the San Diego International Fringe Festival.  I've never been to San Diego before.  Have any recommendations?  Things to see?  Places to do?  Noids to avoid?

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