Friday, October 6, 2017


I don't know if it'll increase the number of eyeballs on the things I write, but I'm going to start putting things up on Medium. First, the Letter to America I wrote but didn't finish until these letters were no longer being accepted.  In the business, we call that Classic Baruni Luck.

Dear America,
I never told you this, but I have this disease. You see, I’m a smart-ass. My parents aren’t thrilled about it. I remember the scoldings. I remember having to rewrite a 7th grade report on the Holy Grail because the version with jokes, I was told, was insensitive and, worst of all, earned an F. (The snark-less version earned an A, if you were wondering.) Fortunately, at the time my parents were too busy being divorced to pay enough attention to realize the danger my disease was putting my academic future in...

You can read the rest of it HERE.

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