Thursday, September 4, 2014

Face of Fringe (unofficial)

Living on the Fringe, Zocalo Magazine
Look, I can't explain it, either.  This face–my face– shouldn't be the face of anything, unless that thing is The Face that Shouldn't be the Face of Anything.  But there it is.

I'm starting to think publications just like photos in landscape orientation.  It's the only explanation that makes sense.

Click HERE to read the article from Zocalo magazine.

And click HERE for more information on my show for the 2014 Tucson Fringe Festival, Slideshow Fairytales: The Facts in the Case of the Great Beef Contract.

The first performance will take place in just about one week, on September 12th, at 7:15 PM at Fluxx Studio & Gallery.

The second performance will take place on September 14th, at 2:30 PM at Club Congress.

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